Prithviraj is so stylish in the new film Urumi. The fans and lovers of the bold actor of Malayalam film industry, Prithviraj is waiting for his new film.

Prithviraj married Supriya Menon

Prithviraj married Supriya Menon
Malayalam Movie Actor Prithviraj married Supriya Menon, Mumbai based Journalist working in British Broadcasting Corporation BCC, the principle public service broadcaster of United Kingdom. Raj arranged the marriage function at a Private Heritage villa at Palakkad. The marriage function of Prithviraj was in the presence of very nearest relative. News Reports says that Raj is going to arrange a big reception at Cochin for entire film industry and friends.
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Supriya Menon
Prithviraj married Supriya Menon bbc
Prithivraj the bold actor of Malayalam movies married Supriya Menon, BBC News reader. Internet hot news giant The Times of India reported the marriage news of Prithivraj. The bold actor of South Indian Movies, Prithivraj who came by the super hit movie named Nandanam few years before become familiar with few super hit movies in Malayalam, Tamil and acted with Abhishek Batchan and Aiswarya Rai in the film Ravan in a prime role was in a run to become the next super star of Kerala. His latest movie Urumi is running house full in theaters and reports says that it will make a box office record in Malayalam movie series. The movie Urumi was produced by Prithviraj himself. Whole media were waiting to know about the marriage news of Prithviraj. He has already made more words about Supriya Menon earlier. But he acted much more bold in this marriage than in him films. Raj is going to arrange a wide reception for his friends and relatives on May 1st.
Prithviraj Marriage Click on the image to see in big size The news report came in India today about the marriage of Prithviraj and Supriya Menon. The news reports coming in internet news paper says that the bold actor was in love with the BBC world reporter Supriya Menon for last few years. There is reports that they married at Palakkad. The News reports says that the bold actor Prithvi is planning for a big party proposed to be conducted at Trivandrum for the people of whole film industry and friends. There are some more news in some online newspapers that Raj used to go Mumbai to see Supriya.